Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Food+Music = Happy Grocery Store Experience!

Thought you might like a little happiness in your day! I smiled the entire time - how about you?

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Social Media is a medium which will only grow. This is what I will be working through and with once I graduate. It can be a VOICE that is both powerful and damaging - that is why I will be relying on a special gift to help guide me to make correct decisions with this platform.

After watching this - comment on your feelings and attitudes of social media.

To my Son

Tonight I came across a letter that I never sent, maybe because I didn't finish the letter, and maybe I was writing it to my parents that are no longer here. But I would like to share what I wrote because when reading it, it made me cry, reminding me of what a good heart and soul my son has. I want him to know that I love him.

Dear Mom and Dad -

Tomorrow Bud will be ordained a priest. I am a little sad, knowing his grandpa won't be in the circle.

Von is turning into a fine young man, and Von and I feel so blessed that he is part of our family.

Von's priesthood and Scout leaders can't say enough good things about him. On their high adventure to Half-Dome, his leaders told us what a fine example he proved to be, positive and encouraging to all the other boys on the trip. What impressed them most, was on the first night of their hike. They had been rained on, it was a hard hike, and everyone was tired and hungry - even too tired to eat! They had made camp and were about to settle in for the night when Von called to everyone to get their scriptures - that no one was to go to sleep until they had scriptures and family prayers together. He did this every night. The leaders appreciated his diligence in this matter.

Everyone his age turned 16 six months ago, and the rest of the teachers quorum is eight months younger than Von! So he has had to be a good role model for all the boys in his quorum. They all seem to look up to him, and he is good to them.


Bud did have a close encounter with a bear on his trip! They had finished hiking for the day, and were back in camp. Von was next to the huge log, unloading a few things from his pack, looking for some chap-stick. He put his package of beef jerky on the log and was still rummaging through his pack when he heard something moving in the bushes. He looked up, and no more than 18 inches away, face to face, was a bear taking his jerky. And like a good scout, he screams and runs like a banshee the other direction!

(When Von told this story, he was rolling on the floor laughing. And if you know him, you would understand why!!!)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Time and all the Implications

Who invented summer school? As a parent with LOTS of little children, summer school was a Godsend. It gave my kidlets something to do. At one time, summer school was free, and it consisted of "enrichment" classes. My children LOVED going to summer school - and I LOVED them going because that freed me up to tackle the jobs only a mother can do without multiple interruptions. You know, like wash diapers, toilets and eating bonbons.

Well, the children are gone, and I have gone and enrolled in my schools spring/summer terms. What am I thinking? Summer is supposed to be a time to relax and enjoy the grass growing between my toes and eating home-grown tomatoes. Also it is a time to CATCH-UP with life.

But then what am I thinking? Am I being selfish? I have had a long run where I have been able to do whatever I wanted during the summer months (let's imagine that is a true statement!) - while countless men and women each day, have to go to work - with no summer off to relax and enjoy green toes and rotten tomatoes.

OK - I admit it - I am whining because nine credits in seven weeks is more time consuming than I expected. I knew it and did it anyway - the reasoning was excellent. But doubts are finding a way into my mind and heart regarding this decision.

Why won't someone just give me a home-grown tomato and put me out of my misery? Heirloom preferably, please?