Friday, December 31, 2010


Another year has come and gone, with wonderful and exciting experiences filling every moment. We are both still “non-traditional” students at BYU, grateful for the privilege and opportunity. Ann is intimidated by the snow while Von likes to shovel off the driveway in his flip-flops (still thinks he is in SoCal). The purpose of our grand adventure will be realized in April when Ann graduates with a degree in Communications, Public Relations emphasis. Von will receive a degree in Latin American Studies, with a minor in Political Science. Ann will then have a two month internship in New York City.

September 2009 ended with us as “empty-nesters”, but this changed earlier this year when our youngest, Kimmy, and her husband, Garrett, both students also, moved into our basement. They will finish in April, and then leave for Texas. Continuing up from the youngest, Julianne and Vance, living in Texas, are enjoying life with our two noisy grand-“puppies”. Our one son, Von, who has an affinity for the heat, is in Arizona, a student at ASU, working as well and trying to keep all the loose ends under control. Loralee and Dave are with us here in Utah. Dave is doing well with his dental practice, while Loralee enjoys their two cute little red-heads. Adrienne and Ted are in Arizona. Ted’s skills as a landscape architect are in demand so as to ensure gainful employment. Adrienne’s hands are full with four wonderful and active youngsters and teaching piano. Finally, Ann-Marie and Collins – they are still in San Clemente, CA, where he is a popular dentist. Ann-Marie is a supportive wife and a busy mom. Their four boys keep everyone on their toes. We are grateful for the goodness of our children and grandchildren – how they love each other, support each other, and strive to build the Kingdom where they live by carefully nurturing their families.

We are grateful for the blessings that have come to us in consequence of rubbing shoulders with wonderful people like you. Thank you for your positive influence.

We are especially grateful for the blessings of the Gospel – living prophets, sacred covenants and ordinances, privileges of serving, the comfort of the Savior’s love, and a sense of approbation of our Heavenly Father.  Truly, sweet is the peace the Gospel brings. As with you, we are striving to become more like Them. Let us pray for each other, that such will be our blessing one day.

Our love to each of you,
H. Von and Ann