Sunday, June 23, 2013

Just Because - I Wanted To and I Needed To!

In the last year I have started posting on Facebook completed projects I have made. Usually it will say Project #25 of 100 - since that is my goal - to post 100 projects in a year. They are random things - something I have cooked, created or made something for others. 

Let me share with you the story about these 10 "scripture bags" that I made.

I was asked to teach in our church children's program which is called Primary, for our Sunday church meetings. Originally there were 7 children that were turning eight this year, then our class increased by two when the twins arrived, and then today, we added another girl to our class = 10 children total. 

We encourage our children to bring their scriptures to church - so they can learn how to use them, read them, learn why reading them can bless them every day - but most importantly learn about their Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Not all had a scripture bag, and the ones that did had seen better days. I needed to do something about it. So I made nine bags, with one to spare. Little did I know that I would have another little girl join our class.

Some of the girls came over after church to pick up their scripture bags. They were so excited to get them - and just come and visit! They were so cute. These girls helped me choose which remaining bags should go to, for those who didn't come today. They assured me that they know their friends well - and that they would love them!

I am not one that looks for fanfare or accolades from others. I try to fly under the radar. But I wanted to share this "project" because it has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to do something for others - for the pure enjoyment of it! And it felt good. Sometimes we get carried away in all the doing for others because we have been asked or it is expected of us, especially mothers. We don't always get to do something - just because. 

I think we need to do more of this.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I need redefining!

Many times during the week I think to myself that "this" is something I should blog about. But the thought drifts from my thinking. I sometimes will write down the thought, a doodle or a design idea, but then I forget to look in one of my many "idea" books!

We moved recently and in my attempt to organize my life and office, I placed all my "idea" notebooks in one bag. It was heavy. I asked myself, 

"Why can't you write in one book at a time?"

"Why can't you use the same type of journal/notebook?" 

You see they are random shapes and sizes, some with tabs, many without!

I took some time reading over my notes. I am always astounded that I had a thought so profound, and wrote it so eloquently. I guess there are some coherent thoughts in my head after all - but never at the moment it seems!

Back to being redefined. I am lost right now and feel there is no definition or purpose in my life currently. This is a sad accounting. The hole widens at times and I seem engulfed. Most of my life I have known where I was headed and what it would take to get there. This has been a hard place to be in. Fear seems to have me in its hold - holding me back to see life's possibilities. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

RSVP's in Today's World

When I was younger, I really did not know what RSVP meant. Since then, I have learned a thing or two. Basically it means that a person who is inviting you to an event of some kind requests a response if you will be attending. It is a "courtesy" for the host so that they can plan adequate accommodations, food or other items for a successful meeting or event.

"RSVP" has been around for a long time. However, I see a twist to this critical "courtesy." Consider the attempts of people in planning some type of event, whether it is a business meeting, social gathering, family reunion, community event with a specified audience. When those who have been specifically invited to attend choose not to respond, the host is at loss of what to plan for. Sure, they can make estimations of how much of whatever, but the results are not enough or too much which is a waste of funds. No one has benefited, they have just caused frustration.

Move forward to today. A habit of not responding has spread across several generations. We are a society of time-structured people. We have places to go, places to see, people to talk to and things to do. However, many have lost the ability to "respond" when inquiries have been made, or invitations have been made. We have numerous channels in which to communicate:

  • Phone Calling
  • E-mailing
  • Texting
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Letter Writing
  • Skyping
  • Face-to-Face
  • Memos
  • and even Post-it Notes!
Have I missed any? But even after all these avenues have been exhausted to send messages or invitations - people still choose not to respond. 

This is my frustration. If there is something to be done - I get it done. My attempts to include others in a planning process, so that a consensus decision can be made is most often ignored or deemed not important to "respond" to. For those who have accepted an assignment and repeatedly fail to respond has left me, as well as others having to fill the void and continue to make things happen. It is especially disheartening when criticism comes after a decision has been made to move forward with an action or activity. 

Many individuals have a hard time doing simple things - such as hitting the "REPLY" button. A simple response of:
  • Yes
  • No
  • Can we table this decision/action for a [amount of time]?
  • Sounds great - but how about this . . . ?
  • Would love to discuss this with you. Can we talk later?
  • This is stupid!
  • or some other creative, informative response!
Is there a solution other than a reply? If this continues to happen with others not responding than there will be a decrease in the  expectations of people and planned, meaningful occasions. 

Guess I will just have to be OK with this and learn to resist the "reply" button and be OK with lackluster meetings and events. If you want me to respond, you will just have to search me out. I will only communicate face-to-face. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Born With the Seeds of Life and Death

Today I attended a funeral for the son of our cousin. He was 28 yrs. old, and was born with a "bent" chromosome. According to the doctors - he was one of a kind. The grandfather gave the closing remarks and commented that we are each born with the seeds of living and dying, and when those seeds mature, the blessings are manifest. For those who understand and embrace eternal progression, his passing was a blessing. He no longer will ask "Why am I different? Why did God make me this way?" He is at rest with the One who created him. And for those that remain - we must continue to nurture and reflect on the seed within - of living. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's All in the Can

For the last few days I have been picking through a HEAP of Ball, Kerr and Kraft jars, filled with "mystery" ingredients. The purpose is to increase my stash of canning jars for some summertime fun.

What - you don't think this will be fun? My husband, HB (honey buns), thinks I should can everything we can to fill our pantry. Not! We found a free source for apricots last year. HB thinks I should can apricots. I hate canned apricots - and so does he. HB thinks we can trade them for canned fruit we like. Not even going there. I will just make jam - which we both like and I can give it away, because I want to.

However, I do have some items I would like to can this year - because I now have some canning jars. Here is my list:
  • Bread and Butter Pickles 
  • Hot Sauce
  • Tomatoes
  • Chunky Apple Butter
  • Cherries
  • Peaches
  • and Jam
And when I am all through (this is the best part), I will have a pantry lined with beautiful jars just like this!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Story @ Home 2012

The last two days I have been attending a conference about "story-telling." The conference ticket was a gift to me from my family. They found out about it and said, "Mom, you need to go! You are the story-teller in our family and hopefully this will be something you will enjoy."

Well, it has been enjoyable. Yesterday there were some speakers - some motivational, others just good story-tellers. Today they had a workshop with a variety of classes to choose from. I chose to learn more about the blogging world - only to discover that there have been several "blogging" conferences held in Utah already. Hey - I was in school full time and wouldn't have had time for this anyway!

Of all the classes, the most empowering one was about taking your fear and turning it into reality. I admit that I have this fear (lack of faith?) in myself. This week I am going to do some rethinking about what it is I want to do, create that "vision board," and learn to move forward towards that goal of redefining the possibilities.

Friday, September 30, 2011

You Will Not Believe It!

This past Sunday, during Relief Society meeting, we had a wonderful lesson on "The Spirit of Revelation." There were quite a few interpretations that the women shared. One was, "From God's lips to our ears." 

We are not always in a frame of mind to hear that still small voice, so the Lord in His mercy allows us to receive needed revelations in many other ways. In seeking direction and guidance to life's questions it may come as a thought, pure inspiration, a memory, recognition of truth, a vision, or even visiting with a friend or a new acquaintance. Revelation doesn't always come when we want it. Sometimes it is delayed and comes instead - when we need it and not necessarily because we asked!

That is the beauty of revelation, it is "personal" revelation from God, something my faith believes in. He is mindful of us every day. The question for me as is - am I listening?

Our teacher this Sunday, Carolyn, is an elementary school principal. She shared two powerful examples of revelation that I will share here. Each has a message that touched my heart.

A member of Carolyn's office staff is an incredible woman. Regularly, when coming in to work, she would say, "You won't believe what happened to me!" A short while ago she came in and said, "You won't believe what happened to me. I received this incredible revelation at church!", and shared the experience she had as the sacrament was passed to the congregation.


A 14-year old young man was passing the sacrament for the first time. Most young men in my Church are given thisresponsibility at age 12, but due to some emotional issues, this young man's opportunity to pass the sacrament had been postponed. During this particular meeting, all went well until he came to this pew where this woman was sitting. Accidently, he dropped the sacrament tray that had the cups with water in them. The cups fell out, the water went everywhere. Quietly, the nearby deacons gathered up the spilled cups and tray. Reverently, it was refilled with new cups and water and passed to those in the pew. 

To hear about this incident, one might think - "how embarrassing for that young man," and move on with your thoughts. But for this woman, Carolyn's friend, watching this accident happen, she received a "revelation." She told Carolyn, "It wasn't about the spilled water - it was that there was enough water for everyone." - I will let you think about that one.

Carolyn then went on to share that this story did not end there. About six weeks later, Carolyn's friend had realized that this young man had not attended church since the incident happened. She felt impressed to visit the young man's home - to tell his mother about the "revelation," she had received that day, and how grateful she was for this young man's part of her greater understanding of the Atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

After Carolyn's friend shared her gratitude with this mother, the mother then proceeded to share what had transpired her son returned  home from Church on that fateful Sunday. He had been so traumatized by the accident that he had to be admitted into the hospital. The mother continued by explaining that her son had returned home the previous day. This mother, receiving her own inspiration, asked if Carolyn's friend would share the story with her son, which she did. The friend expressed her gratitude for him being there that day and allowing the Spirit to reveal and testify to her of the power of the Atonement.

The following Sunday this young man came back to church. He sat down beside Carolyn's friend and held her hand throughout the meeting. 

When this woman came to school the next day, she said, "You won't believe it, I witnessed a miracle, but I was the only one who saw it!" Revelations - they are personal.

The second example Carolyn shared was of a Russian nesting Babushka doll, like the one I have pictured here. She took us through an exercise of taking each doll out - and labeling the different layers with the things we have going on in our lives - such as work, family, personal issues, health, finances, etc. She finally arrived at the last doll which she identified as our spirit - and then made this observation. "When the Lord desires to speak to us through the Spirit - personal revelation - He sure does have to go through a lot of layers to get our attention."

We then went through the exercise again, of putting the dolls - or layers - back together. But this time the layers were personal prayer in the morning, personal prayer in the evening, scripture study, serving others, etc. The objective was to help us visually see that when we re-purpose the layers of our life - we will be able to receive personal revelation again.

Then you can say, "You won't believe what happened to me!"