Friday, January 16, 2009


I believe my mascara is running due to my eyes tearing from constant yawning. Only one more hour before Von is through with classes, then I will go home and crash for an hour or two. The nocturnal pull to stay up late while going to college IS NOT a habit of any worth.

Yesterday I volunteered for a PR Bradley Lab assignment, to write an update on Kelsey Nixon. So who is Kelsey Nixon? A BYU graduate in Broadcast journalism and contestant from season 4 of "The Next Food Network Star" series that aired this past summer of 2008. Funny that I should have watched the whole programming only to discover now, there was a BYU graduate! I interviewed Kelsey and her husband yesterday. Now I just have to frame the story and WRITE IT!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


This last week, Julianne was a sweetheart and made some bread. Her bread came out so pretty. Maybe because she added some white flour to it. Because of its beauty I thought I would show you how it looked. They were dressed for the cold weather.


There are days when the best thing to eat is a Hot dog. Oscar Meyer Beef Franks are my favorite. First I broil them in the oven, toast the bun, then slather it with mayonaise, mustard and pickle relish. Good food!

However, this little dog I would rather slather with love!


Today. What a concept. I am in the process of rearranging my "computer room"--meaning the bedroom with my computer, the glider, and some of my junk. When Von got here he set up the room, with my computer, printer and other stuff on two card tables. I have needed more table space and a readjustment of things, so up went the 6 foot table this morning so it doesn't jiggle when I type.

I have great plans for this room. An elegant day bed with trundle (for company--or me when I need to crash after one of those late night study sessions). Walls painted kiwi green, black and white bedding, black table top with vertical shelving and tin board to attach my creative musings. Things that make me happy.