Sunday, June 23, 2013

Just Because - I Wanted To and I Needed To!

In the last year I have started posting on Facebook completed projects I have made. Usually it will say Project #25 of 100 - since that is my goal - to post 100 projects in a year. They are random things - something I have cooked, created or made something for others. 

Let me share with you the story about these 10 "scripture bags" that I made.

I was asked to teach in our church children's program which is called Primary, for our Sunday church meetings. Originally there were 7 children that were turning eight this year, then our class increased by two when the twins arrived, and then today, we added another girl to our class = 10 children total. 

We encourage our children to bring their scriptures to church - so they can learn how to use them, read them, learn why reading them can bless them every day - but most importantly learn about their Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Not all had a scripture bag, and the ones that did had seen better days. I needed to do something about it. So I made nine bags, with one to spare. Little did I know that I would have another little girl join our class.

Some of the girls came over after church to pick up their scripture bags. They were so excited to get them - and just come and visit! They were so cute. These girls helped me choose which remaining bags should go to, for those who didn't come today. They assured me that they know their friends well - and that they would love them!

I am not one that looks for fanfare or accolades from others. I try to fly under the radar. But I wanted to share this "project" because it has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to do something for others - for the pure enjoyment of it! And it felt good. Sometimes we get carried away in all the doing for others because we have been asked or it is expected of us, especially mothers. We don't always get to do something - just because. 

I think we need to do more of this.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I need redefining!

Many times during the week I think to myself that "this" is something I should blog about. But the thought drifts from my thinking. I sometimes will write down the thought, a doodle or a design idea, but then I forget to look in one of my many "idea" books!

We moved recently and in my attempt to organize my life and office, I placed all my "idea" notebooks in one bag. It was heavy. I asked myself, 

"Why can't you write in one book at a time?"

"Why can't you use the same type of journal/notebook?" 

You see they are random shapes and sizes, some with tabs, many without!

I took some time reading over my notes. I am always astounded that I had a thought so profound, and wrote it so eloquently. I guess there are some coherent thoughts in my head after all - but never at the moment it seems!

Back to being redefined. I am lost right now and feel there is no definition or purpose in my life currently. This is a sad accounting. The hole widens at times and I seem engulfed. Most of my life I have known where I was headed and what it would take to get there. This has been a hard place to be in. Fear seems to have me in its hold - holding me back to see life's possibilities.