Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Six Month Check-up

Every six months my church has General Conference. It is a time when we hear counsel from our Church leaders, including our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson. The first weekend in April and October, two, two-hour sessions are held on both Saturday and Sunday.

They are wonderful weekends in which the Spirit of the Lord nourishes my heart and soul through the words of inspired men and women who speak to us.

Every time I am reminded of my purpose on earth, and that we are sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father who is mindful of us. I am encouraged as I listen and contemplate areas in my life that need course corrections. As our Prophets speak of Jesus Christ our Savior, the Spirit testifies to me that what they proclaim is true. I feel blessed with this knowledge.

I feel peace and joy in listening and learning how to follow and become more like my Savior. I look forward to filling my spiritual reservoir.

There is a children's hymn that we sing called Follow the Prophet. This is the last verse and chorus line, maybe it will resonate with you and you will want to listen to a Prophet too:

Now we have a world where people are confused.
If you don’t believe it, go and watch the news.
We can get direction all along our way,
If we heed the prophets—follow what they say.

Follow the prophet, follow the prophet,
Follow the prophet; don’t go astray.
Follow the prophet, follow the prophet,
Follow the prophet; he knows the way.

Words and music: Duane E. Hiatt, b. 1937. © 1989 IRI