Sunday, October 19, 2008


It was on Cami's blog that I read about using your blog as a daily journal. Hmmm...most days that would be boring, as I don't have any little ones around to add humor to my days. And it would be very disrespectful of me to use Von as my story line each day, though he does give me something to talk about (nope - won't go there!).

So I have made up some acronyms to speed up my journaling process:
  • SAD - Studied All Day
  • OOPS - Officially Out of Perfume Scents
  • BAG - Busted A Gut
  • NC - Need Chocolate
  • TGIF - Thank Goodness Its Food
I would love to hear from anyone that have some acronyms that would be appropriate for journaling--and show a lot more creativity then I can. Bring them on!

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