Friday, January 16, 2009


I believe my mascara is running due to my eyes tearing from constant yawning. Only one more hour before Von is through with classes, then I will go home and crash for an hour or two. The nocturnal pull to stay up late while going to college IS NOT a habit of any worth.

Yesterday I volunteered for a PR Bradley Lab assignment, to write an update on Kelsey Nixon. So who is Kelsey Nixon? A BYU graduate in Broadcast journalism and contestant from season 4 of "The Next Food Network Star" series that aired this past summer of 2008. Funny that I should have watched the whole programming only to discover now, there was a BYU graduate! I interviewed Kelsey and her husband yesterday. Now I just have to frame the story and WRITE IT!!!


Justin and Christine said...

I didn't know you ha a blog! How's are you and the family?? That dog is too cute!

Camie said...

Oh good luck. I would have commented earlier and wished you just as much luck earlier, but my blog hasn't been showing that you've been posting. Sorry.