Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Creations

Tonight I finished Kayte's dress that I have been making for my sewing class. Adrienne and Ted choose the fabric, I choose the pattern. It has turned out really cute. Unfortunately she won't have it for Easter, nor next Sunday for church, as it has to be graded. Of course I think I did a terrific job on it, but I am sure my professor will find countless errors! I can think of two - if she finds them! The colors are true in the sleeve detail, very chocolate brown and a baby blue.


adrienne said...

SOOOO cute!!! It is beautiful and Kayte will look so pretty in it. Good job...I'm excited about learning how to sew-

RedefinedPossibilities said...

Is that a promise?

Lance Kristi and Trey said...

Adorable! What a fun grandma you are:)