Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I used to love visiting on the phone, that is, before we got rid of the cell phone and installed MagicJack.

I am lucky to speak with one child twice a month – DING – I am never around, nor have a phone for her to call me and chat! I guess I should resort to letters.

But then – do I have time to chat? This semester I don't get home till 7:00 pm and all I do once home is get something to eat and do homework – little time to talk and discuss the world's problems let alone anyone else's problems.

Then we have MagicJack! HATE IT! The connections are terrible. Which week will it be that you have to reinstall all the upgrades? Others talking to you only hear static, and cutting out of your voice. You are lucky if you get a voicemail within 24 hours of it being recorded – so you miss messages – that sometimes are important.

Results – no one calls me. I think I am forgetting how to speak to others. Messages through email are great – it helps me keep in touch – but only for those who read their emails.

I think it is time to get another cell phone. I miss visiting with my friends and family.

Ring, Ring, Click - Ya wanna talk?

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