Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year, New Week, New Me.


Here I sit on New Year's Eve. But then I usually sit on New Year's Eve. I think I will reflect. No, takes too much time. Guess I will just get up and move forward.

Many people do not like Mondays. I do. I love Mondays because you get to start all over again. I like new years too. Despite what transpired over the last year - you can start all over again. My only disappointment is that others do not see it like me. They don't try to do better, they stay in their prideful rut.

I love that I can make a new me too. It is like a new year or a new week. It is the process of repentance. Sure there is pain and shame in realizing the stupidity of choices you made, but if you truly understand and believe in the atonement of Jesus Christ the new and improved you can reappear. And this I am grateful for, because I need to repent and repair myself each day.

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Vicki said...

Everyone needs to read this and feel this way.