Thursday, April 29, 2010

If - spring decides to come - it probably will then be summer!

Spring semester has begun. I like my class schedule, and I like my classes. Each subject has me thinking in completely different ways.

Comms 336: PR Strategies. We study case studies, then we analyze and come up with our own PR strategies to fix the problems. It is a fine line for me to want to take charge and move the development of strategies along in group work. It is quite the discipline of self! I have worked on quite a few case studies but have not had much experience in the final stages of the matrix. I hope we get a little more instructions on the nuts and bolts of this segment.

Comms 300: Media, Ethics, Law and Responsibility. Understanding the law is crucial as a PR communicator. Having a foundation of values keeps you centered when ethical situations arise. Libel issues are a key component when producing and sending messages, you never want to side with error. Our instructor is going to be great. He has so much energy!!!

Comms 351: Media and Their Audiences. I think this may be my favorite class of the three. We will be doing ethnography studies. What - you ask? I had to Google ETHNOGRAPHY to understand what in the heck it was. "Ethnography is a research method based on observing people in their natural environment rather than in a formal research setting." It helps you see patterns of behavior in people. I really like our instructors method of teaching - he leads the discussion in helping students become aware of the subject matter - Consumer Behavior.


AJ said...

Hm, maybe I should have been a PR major, these classes sound really interesting.

Karen said...

I'm so excited for oyu to take these classes. They sound fun. Good luck with the new semester.