Sunday, July 4, 2010

Valiant and Beholden

Over at PW’s place, she is having a photography contest. I hope this picture wins. It was taken by Mzz Melissa. For me it says AMERICA.

The battle for freedom is old and well-fought by valiant men and women who believe in freedom. I am grateful for their sacrifices and feel greatly blessed by their service. And as one young officer said, they appreciate hearing that we believe in them.

Those of us who live in the United States are blessed.

Today in our church meeting, Walter, a fellow church member, shared a story – everyone has a story.

But today, it touched my heart. He and his family emigrated to the U.S. from Peru when he was 11 years old. He is now a 35+ year old man with five children. He just recently returned from a two-week visit to Peru with his two oldest daughters. He spoke of the great reunion he had with his family, and visit to his 98-year old grandmother. Then he spoke of his daughters responses to Peru's children street vendors - selling all sorts of things. This site is not uncommon for those who have visited poor foreign countries – but for his daughters, this was a first. Many would come up to them asking for money, so he kept a pocketful of quarters so he and his daughters would have something to give to the many needy children that approached them. Later, his daughters thought he was a hero to be so generous.

This is where Walter broke down. He did not feel like a hero, he felt inadequate that he could not give more. Then he shared his love for our country as he listed the blessings of being a citizen of the United States.

Then he simply said, “There are no poor among us.”

The room was quiet as that statement sank into our hearts.

I am sure there were many thoughts about the definition of “poor.”

Then I thought of our valiant soldiers, and I wept.

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