Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just Gag Me!

The Pioneer Woman is having another one of her photo contests. Just click on the picture and you find this photo as well as others in her Funny Photo contest.

Personally, if you are a mom or have cared for kids or even been a kid(?), this picture says so MUCH!!! I just have to chuckle seeing the gag reflex of the one boy. Reminds me of the time my father brought home some fish stuff from Mexico and demanded I eat it. Every time I began to put it in my mouth, you guessed it, GAG. I think I sat there for 3 hours - at least! He sat there with me. I don't remember who gave in. It might have been me as I have had this hate relationship with fish - for forever!

Well, this weekend I MUST get caught up on my homework, so no more playing around on the computer :)

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