Saturday, January 19, 2013

I need redefining!

Many times during the week I think to myself that "this" is something I should blog about. But the thought drifts from my thinking. I sometimes will write down the thought, a doodle or a design idea, but then I forget to look in one of my many "idea" books!

We moved recently and in my attempt to organize my life and office, I placed all my "idea" notebooks in one bag. It was heavy. I asked myself, 

"Why can't you write in one book at a time?"

"Why can't you use the same type of journal/notebook?" 

You see they are random shapes and sizes, some with tabs, many without!

I took some time reading over my notes. I am always astounded that I had a thought so profound, and wrote it so eloquently. I guess there are some coherent thoughts in my head after all - but never at the moment it seems!

Back to being redefined. I am lost right now and feel there is no definition or purpose in my life currently. This is a sad accounting. The hole widens at times and I seem engulfed. Most of my life I have known where I was headed and what it would take to get there. This has been a hard place to be in. Fear seems to have me in its hold - holding me back to see life's possibilities. 

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Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

Hi there! I was looking for an email to contact you through to let you know you won my fabric giveaway from this past weekend. I hope you find this good news and that it cheers you up!

Please email me at so I can pass on your shipping info on to Contemporary Cloth! :)

-Maureen Cracknell