Thursday, July 31, 2008


Many have asked what is going on in our lives, so I guess I should share a few things, as some major adventures are about to take place! (Sorry if you read my email already.)

We are moving to Utah next month. I (Ann) will be going back to college after 33 years!!! Either my grades were sufficient or my ecclesiastic leaders gave me a glowing report that I needed to return to school. Either way I am excited to head back to BYU. There is a goal and a plan to graduate. We hope it is sooner than later. The adventure begins Sept. 2nd!!! How it will end up - don't know. But school it is - for now.

And Von - yep, he is coming. He has his own adventures planned out too, but that is his to share.

Sunday during Gospel Doctrine class, our teacher was talking about the mission she and her husband served. She said that she knew it was the right thing to do, but she cried the whole way to the MTC, feeling great sadness at leaving all she loved behind. But then when they left the mission field, she cried all the way home to CA, missing all the dear friends and members they had made in Chicago. After she shared that, my eyes welled up with tears, for that is how both Von and I have felt about leaving Carlsbad this time around. We have made so many wonderful neighbors and friends, and we have such a great ward which we will truly miss.

So these are the things I have to be concerned with now:

  • I have to get used to the cold weather and buy a COAT. I have thought about the possibility of only going to school fall, spring and summer, then be a snowbird during winter semester!!! (JK -but it is something to consider!).
  • I may take up the sport of snowboarding, they say it is easier on the knees than skiing.
  • I will consider purchasing a "Nuke" light to ward off the gloomy winter days or I will create a happy, sunny, light filled cave for myself.
  • I also am considering forming a club of other "seasoned" women on campus, where we will set up a system of rating dating potentials for our unmarried children. Von and I have been discussing what would be the best approach for this, like the numbering system they do for diving. Suggestions are welcomed.
  • What do I wear for the first day of class? What impression do I want to make? Oh, that's right, I don't have to worry about that anymore!!!!! Maybe that will keep me more focused - ya' think? All I have to worry about is whether I have food caught in my braces and that I don't have classes waaaay down in the Richards PE Bldg.
  • Maybe I will be lucky like I was 35 years ago - and lose 10 lbs. the first 3 weeks of class from all the walking...hmmm...good thought.
  • This time around - I am getting a rolling backpack - I am going to be a nerd - what can I say - I am over 50!

Well, it has been lovely sharing what will be happening to us soon. It is time to move and purge again. While on our adventure I am hoping to have some worthy posts for my blog.

So - wish us well, envy the fact that we get to drink GOOD water, not Carlsbad's sewer water.

We will miss our hometown of Carlsbad, it is our home, but this adventure will last only a season, and who knows what will happen then?


Camie said...

Wow-how exciting!!! Good Luck with everything.

Kristi & Lance Rondo said...

Here's the Rondo's wishing you well. You're going to love it!