Friday, September 26, 2008


My daughter Julianne, gave me a call yesterday telling me about a competition she and her classmates are participating in - where any viewers that I have can participate in! I am copying my other daughter, Loralee's, post about this opportunity. The most important aspect of this blog post is for any and all to go to the website and view the youtube video mulitiple times a day!!!! So here is what Loralee has to say about her sister, Julianne.....which I ditto by 500%!!!!!!

TAG - JU-JU's Paul Mitchell Contest
My sister Julianne attends Paul Mitchell Hair Academy in Rexburg and she's entering a contest. I want to say just a few words about her. She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet in your life. She has had to overcome some SERIOUS obstacles throughout her life. When I think about the things that she has encountered, I am amazed at her ability to get through them. No doubt she is one of Heavenly Father's strongest and most faithful daughters. She is a loyal friend and tries so hard to bring happiness into the lives of those around her. Hair school means so much to her because it's a place where she can go and feel safe, feel confident in her abilities, and feel like she has a support system all around her. Here's what she wrote:

"Paul Mitchell is having a YouTube contest that all Future Professionals in all of the schools nationwide are invited to participate in. And I really really really want to win!!! The grand prize is an all expense paid airfare, hotel, and dinner with John Paul Dejoria and Winn Claybaugh. So here is the deal. The winners are picked by the HIGHEST NUMBER OF VIEWS and HIGHEST RANKING. So here is where all of you come into play and your friends and family and their friends and family! You will all need to view JUST my video (don't view the other videos b/c then they get a vote as well) as often as possible and then rank it high!!! In order to rank it, you need to be a You Tube member-it takes just a couple minutes to create an account and other than the confirmation email, you don't get any other emails from them. You can view it as much as you want (please view it a lot) and then I would love you to tag everyone on your blog list with it. Voting goes from the time my video is uploaded until October 18. This is so important to me. Love you all!!!!!!! So keep your eyes open for the link!which is right here (and to make sure you have the right one, her username is julijam421):
Just copy and paste this post and put it on your blog,
then create a You Tube account and view, view, view!!!
Julianne would flip out if she won this contest.THANKS!
***Voting starts at midnight tonight-Thursday***

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