Sunday, August 31, 2008


I guess I am an official student now - I bought my books for school. But darn it all, I am still trying to decide what to wear on the first day of class.

Last Wednesday, Kimmy went with ME to buy my books! She also was with me when I dropped in to the NTOS - Non-Traditional/Older Student Assoc. meeting. We both learned some interesting tidbits. Kimmy thought the information on where there are beds on campus was very helpful - as she may use them from time to time to crash from her nocturnal habits.


Von & Linz said...

How was you first day of class??? Did you take a first day of school Picture ??

Alice Wills Gold said...

I hope you found that perfect outfit for that first day of class.

And surely you refrained from flirting with your professor.

And, I am cracking up that they told all you old fogies where you could find a good bed on campus. he he

Hope you are LOVING it.