Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This past Sunday we had our last ward conference. We visited our Spanish Ward. They have the smallest Primary in the stake. I had the privilege of speaking to the children. It was such a treat to share with them a message and my testimony, but more importantly, it was a testimony to me to feel their love and excitement for Primary! These children were beautiful. Every one of the boys were either in a suit and tie or a white shirt and tie! And the girls were dressed in their Sunday best.

But the best part of our visit was singing time! They learn all the songs in Spanish. Their chorister knows the songs and teaches with such great enthusiasm - it was contagious! And the children's voices - oh how sweet and joyful. Even though their numbers are small, their voices were anything but small! If we could only capture that moment and share it with others - I guarantee you would smile and feel unspeakable joy!

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Vicki said...

That is the sweetest picture. Singing with big, open mouths...nothing better.