Sunday, March 1, 2009

I am taking a sewing class because...?

I wanted a job on campus as a TA - so to get the job I had to take Intermediate Sewing 287. Fortunately the professor saw my work and gave me a pass on the beginning sewing class. Two things about this class, I enjoy sewing around other people! I like socializing when I am sewing. And the only new thing I will learn in this class is a differnt way to alter patterns, which has been great!

I finished up our first project - a HOODIE! Normally I do not sew for myself, but I decided to make myself something! I don't think anyone in the school has this color of sweatshirt fleece,cha-ching! I decided to line the hood and use the same fabric for a facing. Of course I see all the imperfections in the hoodie/jacket. Who knows - I might even wear it! Our instructor is very adamant about making clothing items that DO NOT look homemade. Do you think it passes?

Tomorrow we start on a man's shirt - but instead, I am making myself a tailored PINK shirt. Von didn't want me to make him one, which I am OK with. Anyway, maybe with all this altering I am doing I will end up with some patterns that fit and I can finally sew for myself!


Vicki said...

Great job Ann! Doesn't look homemade to me. Cool bright color too.

Dave, Loralee, Emma, & Bree said...

ooohh...I like that a LOT!

Jim and Debbie said...

You are so good! I wish I had your talent. I need to learn more sewing skills!

Camie said...

Love it! Love the colors too.

Lott's Wife said...

I want one just like it please!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann --

Let me know if you're planning to participate in March of the Tools & I'll add your blog to the list. To do so, you'll want to link to the theme in your sidebar so your blog readers can learn more about the theme without your having to explain the whole thing.

(I couldn't find your email link.)