Friday, June 25, 2010

School Update

Spring term is under my belt, and Summer term has begun by racing out of the gate!

What I mean by racing - is that I am an official "news reporter." and have to "race" to finish my stories for the Daily Universe. The first two stories are complete, only to have two, three and more, looming on my mind waiting to be framed.

The professor whom I thought was going to be our instructor turned out not to be, but now is, due to the official instructor traveling to China. But you know what, I like this 'not to be' instructor!!! However, I may change my mind once he gets a hold of my articles - wondering if he will tear it apart!!!

In the meantime, I will be plugging along with Bio 100, a class that is filled with seniors, because it is the last G.E. that is needed (I am one of them!). Hoping my now improved, GPA, will not be tarnished because of failure to understand DNA, and other biological issues.

Good news today! Got a very kind note from my spring term instructor in Media Law. He wrote to tell me that I did well competing with a class full of 20-year old, and received one of the top grades of the class. Ended up with grades far better than I expected - and I am so grateful.

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