Saturday, October 30, 2010


Many ask me how I am doing these days, and I reply, "Hanging in there!"

This week I realized that maybe that isn't a good answer.
Should I be more truthful?
Should I be more positive?
What would be an appropriate answer?

So for those who want to know how I am doing, let me tell you. I am doing great!

Sure, I don't get enough sleep; I could be eating much healthier; I could be exercising; I could be going to the temple more often; I would like to see the sun more often; I would enjoy some creative adventures; yes, I could, I would and I need to - if there were more hours in a day! But there is not, so I am hanging in there.

The day will come again when I feel more in control of where and what I am going to do (wishful thinking?). Until then, I am learning new things. Some days those new things are hard. But I am here for a reason, and I have to keep hanging in there with the hope and belief that the Lord will make known to me what those reasons are.

I wrote a letter to my aunt this week. She promptly replied and shared some things with me that made my day, giving me that boost I needed to hear. My aunt, the 90-year-old cheerleader - bless her heart! Her belief in me as well as others, makes hanging in there easier.

In the last three months, I have had two cousins that have been dealing with cancer treatments of chemo, radiation and hair loss. It has been hard, possibly the hardest thing they have ever had to deal with in their life, yet they are getting through it. They don't know the reasons. They don't know the outcome. But they are hanging in there.

When I think my journey is difficult, I think of them and many other family and friends who are dealing with hard things. And you know what, a outpouring of love and gratitude fills my heart for the wonderful experiences and people that I am associating with. I am blessed by so many, especially my family.

While attending a meeting with some special ladies, they asked how I was doing. I told them, "If I can just get through this week, I will be good." They quickly came back with, "You told us that last week!" So I did, and more than likely I will say that every week!!! But it is OK, cause I am hanging in there, and it is great.


Karen said...

Ann, I think that most of us feel that way most of the time. "Hanging in there" until something else comes along or until a moment passes. Sometimes I think that's all we can do, after all, we are never really in controll of things. There is alwats something new to learn and more things to discover. I have learned this with our lives as Clint goes through school and with our many moves so that he can. I think you are doing a great and hard thing. Good for you for doing it. We love you!

Tricia said...

I love this. Way to go! If life was easy, it wouldn't be exciting!

adrienne said...

love, LOVE, LOVE this post!!!! I also love you too-

Janene said...

I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. Keep it up! I think your blog title is more fitting than ever.