Monday, October 4, 2010

It Needs a Little Something More!

This weekend we watched General Conference - all weekend, or at least eight hours worth. I vegged the whole weekend and only left the house for maybe 40 minutes! Loralee and the girls spent all day Saturday here, and we listened and sewed. Loralee posted pictures of the Halloween skirts we made on Facebook. While we were finishing the skirts, I made the comment, "It needs a little something more." Loralee laughs at me and tells me, "Ann-Marie says that when she cooks, and Adrienne says that when she is creating a paper craft." That made me feel good.

Guess my daughters do take after me! They are all so creative and cute!!!

What more can I say, I needed to add another picture of my girls at the Getty Museum in Santa Monica, CA, at our first ever mother-daughter retreat!!!


Alice Wills Gold said...

Love ALL these girls.

I can only hope to have such a great relationship with my own girls when they grow up. And mostly I hope they will know and love each other like yours do.

I think I am going to have to add some packards on my facebook so I can see the crafts that never make it to the blog.

LindseyJo said...

Sounds & Looks like you all had a blast!!! I will have to share the pic's with Tessa after she wakes up - she will LOVE the fun glasses.......:) (Very Fancy-Nancy of you all)

Vicki said...

Ann, Lexie's healing is on hold for now. Evidently, after much research on my dad's part, China's claims are not what they say they are. We did not feel it safe to spend $50 thousand dollars, 40 days without her kids, and not have it work. It actually is not a surgery like so many people think it is. She was going to get adult stem cell injections, supposedly to travel to the place of healing. We are still on a journey, it just might take a little longer, or a lot longer. We are actually hoping that whatever happens, happens in our own United States someday. Maybe she will even be part of some research study. We are just going to have to keep searching. In the meantime, she is going forward with her life. Thanks for your concern.