Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hmmm, this is interesting.

Can you guess what I am?
This is the "One" sofa from the furniture makers, 
Nusa Furniture Collections.
It has a bronze finished base with white cushions. 
Only 30 pieces have been made, and it sells for $23,000.

Personally, when I first saw it, I immediately thought
of a bean/nut pod with a cocoon and bean seeds!
Hmmm, I wonder how comfortable it is?


Alice Wills Gold said...

A dough smiley face.

Or is it mozzarella cheese?

Elaine Shandra said...

a couch?

AJ said...

I think it is a cool modern couch. But it looks like it is doll size?

Elaine Shandra said...

yeah, I was right!

annie valentine said...

I don't have my contacts in and at first glance thought it was eggs. I'm sharp like that.