Thursday, January 20, 2011


On Sunday, the theme for our church meeting was on making goals and working through them. Those that spoke did an excellent job. But one quote that was shared has taken root in my thoughts this week.

“That which is not routine
has no power.”

As I have thought about this, I have seen the truth of these words. Because of school, I have let slip even further the routines that bring me closer to my Heavenly Father - temple attendance, reading my scriptures and personal prayers – and even further – kneeling at the end of the day to express my gratitude! 

For many of us, the reminders of what and where we need to be come subtly, but are we really listening? I keep hearing, but am I listening and more importantly - doing? The Lord has truly blessed my life and I have become negligent in doing simple things that He asks us to do. Hopefully this year I can get back to finding those routines that will afford me the power to do the hard things in life I am asked to do.

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annie valentine said...

If I had a nickel for every time my mother yelled, "Habits rule your life!" I'd be able to build a stairway to Heaven. This is so true, and something I totally need to remember.