Sunday, August 10, 2008


Kimmy came to visit this last weekend. One of her unique characteristics as a child was similar to a Tasmanian devil, she would leave a whirlwind of stuff in her wake. Her visit with 3 other college friends did not dispel that flaw – did I say flaw? Don’t get me wrong – Kimmy and her friends were adorable, with personality plus – BUT – apparently I and the other mothers did not teach our daughters “Company’ etiquette.

So without further ado, let me share a few rules that I deem appropriate “Company” etiquette.

Offer and be willing to help with meal preparation or to clean up (as extra people do create more chaos/clutter). Most often the host doesn’t need your help, or may have everything under control, but the fact that you offered scores brownie points. And if you are a marriage possibility – this really makes you look good! DO NOT take a seat on the couch, waiting for someone to serve you.

Make your bed after you are ready for the day. DO NOT straighten it up when you go to bed at 1 AM, and call it good.

Pick up your clothes. Put them away in your bag or hang them up. DO NOT leave your personal unmentionables stuffed behind bathroom doors or hanging out on the floor.

Clean up after yourself in the bathroom. DO NOT leave your towels on the floor; or your curling irons turned ON. And it is recommended that you invest in a magnet wand to pick up all bobby pins that have fallen on the floors.

When leaving, gather towels and linens that you have used and ASK where you should put them. Fold blankets, stack pillows or any other bath & bedding you are no longer using. Your host may tell you where to put them all, or they may say, “Don’t bother, I will take care of it all.” DO NOT leave without picking up.

Be sure to write a thank you note, or leave a small gift for their hospitality. Show your gratitude.

And the most important thing to remember – leave the space you occupied cleaner than when you came. You might want to visit again!


Alice Wills Gold said...

You better get all that visiting out of the way while you still live in a place with a beach...I can't believe you are voluntarily moving to Utah....I would give anything to be back at the beach.

Von & Linz said...

AHHHHH I'm thinking of all the times I stayed at your place - I must be in one heck of a dog-house

cathy said...

that one made me laugh pretty hard! and then I read Vons comment....hillarious!!! so this is a reminder of what I should be teaching my children.....ARGH!!

adrienne said...

LOVE IT!!! I will promise to be good company for Thanksgiving...okay?!?