Friday, August 22, 2008


Loading the Van:

I wish I had pictures to share how the movers moved. I don't think SLOW can be pictured. I had to leave several times while this experience was occuring. I happened to be up (and I mean vertically UP) the street visiting my neighbor, watching the movers pack the truck. Out they came with my computer desk. I am not sure at what geometrical point they hit walking on the downslope of our driveway - but in full view I saw the desk break into many pieces while a variety of exclamations spewed from their mouths. It was a good thing I wasn't fond of that piece any longer!

Unloading the Van:

I received a report from my sister-in-law in Texas about my 2 sister-in-laws in Utah that took charge and distributed my boxes to the nethermost regions of my new abode AND unboxed many other boxes to help make our new home functional - and this I am most grateful for. I owe them BIG TIME!!! And from that report, it was a good thing I wasn't around when the movers were unloading.
Questions - Can anything good come from using a moving company? Will I ever again live in the same house longer than 7 years (but more like 2 years)? Will I ever get to the point that I can leave everything behind (like you suggested Pat!)? How many more moves do I have left?
So how...what do Movers make me...after 17 moves..
GRATEFUL that it is their backs not mine, despite their speed or personal natures!!!


Dave, Loralee, Emma, & Bree said...

so did they have to pay for the desk? that would've been awesome since you didn't like it anyway :)
hope you had a blast with adrienne and holding my new baby (hehehe). she's better in person than on a computer I'll bet. :)
love you

Alice Wills Gold said...

Man, I have always thought that we would have made it in life on the day we could afford some movers...we have done it ourselves so many times that I lost count.

now, you have me worried.

Von & Linz said...


Jim and Debbie said...

Oh wow... what a pain! I would have kicked those movers in the hiney! :) Hopefully they paid for whatever they broke! I'm not sure I would ever want to hire a mover after hearing several stories like this. Ugh. But I hope you're settling in all right!