Monday, December 8, 2008


I thought I would be exempt from being that a good thing or a bad thing?

So you want to know a little about me Marlys - here goes:

1. 8 favorite TV shows: American Idol; HGTV Divine Design; FoodTV Barfeoot Contessa; Project Runway; Simply Quilts (no longer on-sad); House; TLC What Not to Wear; Law and Order.

2. 8 Things That Happened This Week: sat through 6 hours of church meetings; made peanut brittle; made rocky road; went to class; checked in with my daughters; annoyed my husband; watched the snow fall and melt; finished my VT for the month (aren't you jeolous!).

3. 8 Things I Love About Winter: Windy weather; NO snow; fire in the fireplace; eating freshly picked oranges; the beauty of a grove of trees that have no leaves; quietly sitting in the room with only the Christmas tree lights on; shelling nuts; rainstorms.

4. 8 Things on My Wish List: The tugboat to arrive; a "stellar" new purse; EXTRA TIME; going on a mission with Von; a credit card that is paid off each month; wrinkles and extra skin that would disappear; eyes that would accomadate contacts; dinner out once a week.

5. 8 Favorite Foods: Homemade ice cream; zucchini with butter & cream; fresh pico de gallo and chips; homemade wheat bread smothered in butter and honey; Von's tri-tip; sweet watermelon; Marie Calendar's Razzleberry Pie; and cinnamon bears! (No chocolate!!!)

6. 8 Favorite Memories (only eight?): Witnessing the marriage of my children in the temple; bear hugs from my father; the sweet smile of my mom; my grandchildren laughing; the thoughtful planning my husband takes in surprising me; playing in the soft sand of the ditch bank with my nephews; tickling and playing with my children in the grass on the lower lot; the never ending green beans from our garden!

7. 8 Favorite Places I Have Been: San Francisco; Utah in the summer; Arizona in the spring; California in the spring; Cruising down the Rhine river in Germany; Lucerne, Switzerland; Amsterdand, Holland; home.

8. 8 Favorite Movies: Bourne series; Sabrina; Lord of the Rings; Runaway Bride; Sweet Home Alabama; How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days; Little Lord Faunteroy; The Fugitive.

9. 8 Nicknames: Annie; Andie-Pandie; Desert Fox; Curtis; Hey there (sorry, that is it!).

10. 8 Things I am Looking Forward to: The semester to end; decorating for Christmas; reading a thick juicy book; getting some major sewing projects up, running and finished; Christmas baking; MoTab Christmas concert; a serious massage; 50 pounds lighter.

11. 8 Embarrasing Moments: Having the wrong word escape my mouth in one of my "thyroid moments"; always losing my hat during our marching band performances, along with the TP I used to stuff it with; 9 months pregnant and peeing in my pants because I was laughing so hard after taking the last hand in Tricks with a red 1 (20 people were playing in that game); I am sure there are more moments--but I don't remember any more--sorry!

Who do you tag?