Saturday, December 20, 2008


Before leaving California, we gave our christmas tree to the ward. I would have kept it but:
  • It would not have fit into the moving van
  • It was too FAT
  • It took a long time to assemble
  • It took even longer to put lights on it
  • OK--I just wanted an easier tree to put up that had lights already attached!

So now that we are in Utah and Christmas season is here--there is no money for a new tree. But that is OK--cause I am happy to wait for one when we can afford a new one.

In the meantime, we are using my three decorative trees that I had. Don't you think they look lovely? I mean--just look at those decorations! They are just overwhelmingly gorgeous (and of course my favorite color!!!).

We have one present to put under the tree so far. Maybe I will be adventuresome and produce more gifts??????

Today was good - we are now officially part of the Christmas festivities on our block. We borrowed green lights from Kimberly's apartment ceiling and put a wreath on the door. I think the sign is a fair assessment of our thoughts about Christmas this year.

But then I did decorate our fireplace mantle to bring in the Christmas cheer!


Camie said...

I think your trees look fabulous! Kepp it's more meaningful that way!

Tanya said...

Hi Ann, You didn't leave an e-mail address but I think I've tracked you down. I know my hanten instructions weren't so great. I never really thought anyone would want to follow them. I'm not even sure I can follow them anymore. But here is a website that I was using when I was making the hanten anyway. As I recall it helped me figure out lengths and order of construction. Construction is at the bottom of the page.

Alice Wills Gold said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Love the trees.

And love the naughty sign even more.

Christmas trees are a pain.

We got our pre-lit one last year and when we put it up this year, half the lights didn't come was kind of a perfect ending to a perfectly imperfect year.